Javier Plaza

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Picks dia 15

                      Mis caballos para hoy:


                      2,00 Full Of Promise (Win suave y place fuerte)
                      2,30 Zebs Lad (Each)
                      3,05 Albe Back (Win suave y place fuerte) Ganador 2/1
                      3,40 Rolly Tricks (Each) Ganador 9/2
                      4,15 Knight Of The Air (Each) Termina 2º
                      4,50 Byrd In Hand (Each) Termina 2º
                      5,20 Good Luck Charm (Each)
                      5,50 Burning Thread (Each)

                      Saludos y suerte a todos.


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